Pool Accessories

To escalate your fun-filled affair at swimming pool its accessories are a must have. Various slides and dive equipment’s add a new dimension of enjoyment to the day. In order to have more fun in the pool, we have listed a few items

  • Filter accessories – Every pool must have filters to clean out the water in the pool. Mostly Pool filter media sand and DE (diatomaceous earth) are used for the purpose.
  • Thermometers and Clocks - Pool thermometer helps to check the water temperature before you step down and clocks enable you to keep a track of time.
  • Pool eyeball fittings - It is used to maintain steady water pressure in the pool.
  • Pool Plugs – Helps to protect your pool equipment during harsh weather conditions and when not in use.
  • Pool Lights – Energy-efficient LED pool lightning can transform your outdoor environment and improves safety for night time.
  • Ladder accessories – Swanky polished pool ladders and hand rails replicates your sense of style and sure to grab the eyeballs of your friends.